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Love and Care

Taking care of your TotallyJewel Fashion Jewellery 

Your TotallyJewel fashion jewellery is a fun and affordable way to spice up your wardrobe and bring classic pieces up to date in a flash. Teaming your handbags and shoes with great bling always manages to re-vamp an outfit and makes you feel like a million dollars for a little loose change.

Here are some tips for keeping your TotallyJewel fashion jewellery looking fresh and fabulous.

Firstly , everyday is a special occasion when you dress up, so wear your pieces with pride, but make sure they are the last pieces you put on before leaving the house. Chemicals can tarnish and discolour your jewellery so do your hair and makeup first, spray that hair spray and perfume, touch up those painted nails, organise your handbag, when you’re ready to leave wash your hands, then assemble your bling.

Storing your TotallyJewel fashion jewellery is also important. Separate your jewellery and place it in airtight plastic bags, keeping them in a special drawer, jewellery box, or even a cloth bag or pouch, this will keep moisture and sunlight away from your special pieces and save them from tarnishing or discolouring. You can now buy special anti-tarnish tissue paper to wrap your fashion jewellery in, and this will protect against blemishing also. To buff up your jewellery use a very soft polishing cloth.

Finally at the end of the evening, still looking fabulous in your TotallyJewel fashion jewellery, remember, take it off before jumping into the shower, or cleaning up after your visitors to prevent water damage.

Remember fashion jewellery, is just that, it’s all about now, it’s about creating a statement it’s about feeling good and looking good. It is produced to wear now and be enjoyed now, Have in mind, costume jewellery plating is usually thin and can eventually wear off, so be careful, pieces maybe delicate, and over time will naturally fade, but with the right handling and storage, these pieces will last longer than the fashion itself.

Enjoy your TotallyJewel fashion jewellery.


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