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A very Furry Christmas

Posted on 12 December 2014

Who doesn’t love their pet, so why not spoil them this Christmas. At least you know your carefully selected gift won’t be forgotten or re-gifted once your back is turned. There are some great Christmas gift ideas out there for our most loyal of companions, and if all else fails food is always the answer. Of course if you live at home with your parents and have no social life, then why not go all out.

(Image courtesy of Joshua Nevett, from Mirror online UK)

Like Stephanie Mariam, 21, who spends lavishly on her pint-sized Pomeranians, Harvey Moon and new recruit Connie, from crystal dog collars to luxury beds, Stephanie spares no expense. Earlier this year, spending nearly $20,000 on a party for her four legged friends. The red carpet event (not kidding) included a fire dancer, customised doggie outfits, and party planner.

Surprisingly (sic) she says: “People" say that spending this much on my dogs is excessive, but I think it's justified. Incidentally Stephanie works two jobs to support her canine passion working more than 52 hours a week, primarily as a mental health nursing assistance…(just saying!!).

Stephanie, next time you’re throwing a pouch party, let me know, I can do it for half the cost. Merry Christmas our furry friends.

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